Spa Academia
                                     Education is Power
"Combining Education and Professional Training to Achieve Your Success in the Spa Industry"
                                                                                                                       Stella Gustafsson, MBA, CHS
Meet the Spa Academia Team
Here are the team professionals who are involved with Spa Academia.

Stella Gustafsson, President and Owner
Stella is the founder and president of Spa Academia that offers training seminars for spa employees; spa management and leadership training; presentations and general education in the field; as well as various research & feasibility studies, besides diversified consultation work in the spa industry.  Learn More..

Stella may be reached at
Scott Mahoney, Website Development and Technical Support
Scott is a paralegal by profession with a strong background and many years experience in nonprofit management.  Additionally, he has skills in website development and design, and knows a great deal about the technical side in supporting a website such as  He is very excited to be a part of the team at Spa Academia and looks forward to making a solid contribution to the organization.

Henny Asmundsdottir, Co-Owner and Business Partner 
Henny has an international diploma in Tourism and at one time was employed by SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) in Iceland, as well as for Icelandair.  She carries a diploma in jewelry design with PMC (metal clay).  Henny graduated from the Technical College of Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, with a major in General Crafts and Design from the department of Arts and Crafts.


Henny has been designing and making jewelry since 2007 and uses material from Icelandic nature, such as various stones; energy stones like Agathe; silver clay; beads and more.


Additional information about her business is located on the Mandla Designs website, a project of Spa Academia.

Henny's Email

Visit the Mandla website

Fjola Donahoo, Consultant and Advisor 
Fjola is a certified Aesthetician (CIDESCO); Nail Technician and Skin Care Consultant.