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Here you will be able to view all of the International Projects Spa Academia has been involved with providing consultation and technical assistance. 

The Vatnajokul Region 

Spa Academia is one of the founders and stock holders of Vatnajokull Region

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Article related to a feasibility study conducted by Spa Academia for Spa Vatnajokul, under an entrepreneurial grant with Centre of Entrepreneurs in Iceland.  

The article is in Icelandic, but will be translated into English in the future.

Northern Periphery Programme (NEST Project)

The NEST project is a multi-national cooperation project sponsored by the European Union under the Interreg IIIB Northern Periphery Programme during the period of 2005 till end of year 2007. At present there are four participating countries, Iceland (Lead Partner), Scotland, Sweden and Finland and, it is expected that Greenland will enter the partnership later this year. The project consists of four main themes and, each country is responsible for one of the themes including organizing a conference and workshop on its theme. 

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